Boston Bombing – What You Aren’t Told – Video

The information continues to be compiled in the aftermath of the staged Bombing in Boston. Armored personnel vehicles, military forces, swat police, curfews, door to door raids on homes, over 600,000 people under marshal law causes fear and panic to spread to the whole of the United States. 03, 2013
By Ivan Klee

All this for two individuals. I leave it there because unless you add adjectives like ultra elite ninja commandos or something along these lines, was it really necessary to scare the shit out of the public for a teenager and his older brother?

The older brother who was seen getting into a police vehicle was then found dead. The younger brother who got out of a boat all by himself with no noticeable assistance ends up in critical condition with a crushed throat or whatever so he can’t talk. Honestly folks! False flag is written all over this one.

What would be the purpose? Scare the population and thus distract the population while more rules are implemented, and conversely more human rights and more civil liberties are taken away. In addition, this will almost guarantee many more billions of dollars in funding to all the alphabet soup agencies.

This is a global problem with most major terrorist operations stemming from the ruling elite, being orchestrated by the alphabet soup agencies with their respective proxies in countries all over the world (a few documented examples : iran-contra affair, operation gladio, operation condor) and ultimately carried out by the disadvantaged in our societies, that have nothing to lose or are just tricked and manipulated into doing the dirty work. Like the train conductor going from Warsaw to Auschwitz in Nazi Germany with a load of  religious and political prisoners. Or the door to door searches to protect the ‘Homeland’ that took place at that time, all the injustices … sound familiar?

The results no matter where these atrocities are committed are always the same, the removal of our inherent rights and freedoms that we all share by being born on this one planet, the one thing we all have in common.

Hope you all enjoy the video.

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