UnCut Chronicles – Ukraine – Monthly Compilation Raw Footage

A diary of the progression of the conflict in Ukraine on a month to month basis is chronicled here.  The end result of the geopolitical games of psychopathic men and women at the highest levels of government and finance are highlighted for all to see and witness.  Indiscriminate killing of civilian men, women, and children are documented, the death toll climbing on a daily basis. 

Conflict-In-UkraineAugust 13, 2014
By The Red Pill
Source Youtube

Like in so many other countries around the world that have gone through similar foreign manipulation of their governments by the US military industrial complex, it now seems that it is Ukraine’s turn.  Not the first time for some, but for the majority, a generation who lived peacefully with out knowing of bombs and troops on the streets.  Or of sitting in the dark and listening to artillery shelling and explosions. Or of having military aircraft buzzing overhead in the skies knowing that their sights are set on you and the ones you love, not know when it will be your turn.

This is inhuman collective punishment on a population of millions that amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity.  Watch with your own eyes the damage to hospitals, schools, playgrounds, residential apartment buildings and homes.  Most structures nowhere near positions where self defence forces are located.

This conflict is manufactured by big corporate, financial, military and political interests that all stand to profit from an all out war with Russia.  That is one of the saddest truths to this conflict, that this is all a play on Russia, and China to a smaller degree, a proxy war if you will.  All in the hope of provoking Russia to react.  A proxy war, led by a small group of people that only care about gaining more wealth, power and control.  The people and their collective wishes be damned!

This post will be updated as soon as possible while the conflict continues and videos are available.

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, May 2014

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, June 2014

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, July 2014


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