$9Billion Witness Alayne Fleischmann Interview Montage – 2008 Collapse/JPMorgan Fraud Explained

This video is a montage of interviews with Alayne Fleischmann on her whistle-blowing against JPMorgan that led to $9Billion settlement so that her testimony would not be heard. Testimony that JPMorgan top executives knew that they were selling toxic securities and going to lengths to cover it up.

“It’s your fault for trusting us” seems to be the excuse given to a public that needs to grasp the severity of the rot that is in all financial institutions.

Although some parts are repetitive their are many new angles in each of the three videos. A broad spectrum of interviews from The Keiser Report, Democracy Now, and The Ed Show on MSNBC.

I hope this helps in understanding what was really behind the 2008 collapse that still affects us to this day.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Top Executives understood exactly the crimes they were committing as they were committing them.
  • While ordinary people are doing hard time for petty, victimless “crimes”, real crimes that impoverish millions that are considered “too big” are given tax deductible fines.
  • The only economy that will collapse is that of the 0.01% and of those who wish that dream.
  • Reality check!  We do live in a world with those who must obey the law vs. those who are above the law or in some cases are able to write those very laws themselves.

These realities should hopefully help drive us to figure out ways to not participate in the games being played at our expense that are helping fund the endless wars.

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