About Time – The End of Sea World – All Aquariums Too Follow, Hopefully

The end of Sea World and all other Zoo’s that only serve to exploit and profit from the suffering of other animals is abhorrent for anyone of evolved consciousness.  This cannot end soon enough.  That along with the facilities that facilitate the capture and selling of these beautiful mammals. — TRp

The Cove

The Cove

August 18, 2014

By Kenneth Lerer
Article from The Dodo

SeaWorld, as we know it today, is over. It’s only a matter of time. The company is finished. Here’s why.

1. The SeaWorld brand is now tarnished, at best.

Toxic? Likely. The brand represents the torture of whales for an increasing population of concerned citizens. If you love whales (and who doesn’t), you don’t like SeaWorld.

2. Wall Street has turned on SeaWorld.

The stock is down over the last year by 45% and $1.6 billion in market cap has evaporated. You can sometimes fight City Hall, but it’s nearly impossible to fight Wall Street. And Wall Street is done with SeaWorld.

3. Consumers are turning away from SeaWorld.

Attendance has dropped 4.3 percent over the first 6 months of 2014. It takes forever and a day for consumers to return to a company once they have walked away. And they usually never come back.

4. The internet has turned against SeaWorld.

Blackfish,” The Oceanic Preservation Society, The Dodo, over 100,000 users on Change.org and many other sites have made it their business to actively campaign against SeaWorld’s mistreatment of animals. SeaWorld can’t survive that, plain and simple.

The Cove
The Cove

5. Incompetence.

SeaWorld has proven itself totally inept in dealing with 1, 2, 3 and 4. They haven’t got a clue.

Business as usual is not a solution. SeaWorld can hold on for a few more years, as its stock continues to fall into the single digits and its market cap becomes untenable. Or SeaWorld management and investors can hit the reset button. Begin a program to provide a better life for the whales it has in captivity, be a world-wide leader and symbol of caring for animals, save its brand and save the company. I’m sure they can figure out a better use for those tanks.

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One Response to About Time – The End of Sea World – All Aquariums Too Follow, Hopefully

  1. Thanks for this information. I didn’t know they were to close a good thing It is nice to see a wild animal but If you only knew

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