Dr. Mads Gilbert Gives Impassioned Speech Against the Illegal Occupation of Palestine by Apartheid Israel and What We Can Do To Stop It!!!

Tromsø, Norway is the setting for this amazing speech by Dr. Mads Gilbert.  Synchronistically, Tromsø, Norway, for 11 years also happened to be the sister city with Gaza City, Palestine.  Let Dr. Gilbert take you through what its like to actually be in Gaza.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

August 11, 2014

Article by The Red Pill
Source Youtube

Listen as he shares his views from the front line at al Shifa Hospital in Gaza where he treats the constant flow of injured and dead, all innocent civilian men, women, and children on a daily basis.  Just having arrived that very day to Norway, July 31 2014, from Gaza he gives a raw emotional appeal to the world to wake up to the Apartheid of our age happening right now in Palestine by Israel.  How long are we going to wait until we join the chorus of voices against Apartheid continuing to infest the beautiful world we live in?

After 23 days of ethnic cleansing, the death count looked something like this.  7,677 injured, 2,307 of which are children!  1,357 killed, 315 of which were children!!  Every 4th person injured is a child!!! Every 4th person killed was a child!!!!

Dr. Mads Gilbert says :

“… ask yourself this, what would the world say if Palestinian militants had killed 315, god forbid, 315 Israeli children in the course of 3 weeks. And what would the world say if Palestinian militants came from there tunnels to injure 2,307 Israeli children in 3 weeks.  Everyone knows the answer , as the Palestinians say themselves ‘we would have tasted Israeli nuclear weapons'”

Indeed!  This is an outcome that has been ever present when one understand that Israel has the third largest cache of nuclear weapons on the planet.  This is not some out of hand remark, it is a very real possibility that Israel will use these weapons of mass destruction to so reach their maniacal ends.  In the hands of the psychopathic Zionists in power, who knows how far they could take their final solution for the Palestinian ‘problem’.

The next few quotes in particular speak to the callous nature of the occupying forces of Israel

“…UN warned IDF commanders 17 times of the UN-shelter’s GPS position…in the morning they bomb the [UN] school killing 15, wounding over 100…”

“…systematic bombing of families, of houses…so far 68 families have experienced that 3 or more family members were killed in the same attack.  This is extermination of whole families. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers, children.  They [IDF] take them out family by family…”

The bombings have displaced almost 250,000 Palestinians in Gaza.  While 10,000 homes have been completely destroyed and another 10,000 more damaged.  A further land grab of 44% of the already tiny area of Gaza, has been done in the name of a “security zone.”  But all it has really done is cut what little land they had to live on by half.  The obvious reason, in my view, is to slowly starve the population even further, a final solution in the works.

“…this is a man made disaster executed with the utmost cynicism and brutality by Israel’s army, a governmental army…”

“…this is modern history’s longest lasting occupation, with the highest number of UN resolutions against it, breaking most human rights, stealing most of the [land] and resources of the people they have occupied, violating the basic rule that an occupier is forbidden to settle its own population in the occupied territory…”

Dr. Mads Gilbert goes on to ask a chilling question.

“…for if Israel can get away with this, if Israel can continue this way, who is next?  Who’s next?  Who’s next?…”

So what can we do?

“…you can care, discuss, argue, [inform yourself], in short to be a human who is present in the world.  Let your innermost heart be touched…that we realize the Palestinian struggle is a struggle for all of us…”

This is but a small sampling of what Dr. Gilbert covers in his 25 minute speech.  I hope you have the time to watch the video in its entirety.  The stakes for all of us have never been higher.  Please share this article and video to help spread the word on the atrocities being committed right now, in the present.  Thank you!

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