David Kessler Discusses How to Deal With Grief and Loss – Interview with Lilou Mace

With everything happening all over the world this is an opportune interview that can help up us deal with the emotional and psychological wounds that can result.  How to deal with death, divorce; how to deal with the victim role that we so often play out that keeps us locked in the same depressed emotional state; how we can  honour what happened to us and not be a slave to it.

Grief-and-LossAugust 9, 2014
Source : Youtube

David Kessler is an expert in the field of grief and loss.  He co-authored two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: On Grief and Grieving and Life Lessons. (David was honored to have been at Elisabeth’s bedside during her passing.) His first book, The Needs of the Dying, a #1 best-selling hospice book, received praise by Mother Teresa. His services have been used by Elizabeth Taylor, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Marianne Williamson when their loved ones faced life-challenging illnesses.

Emphatically Kessler states that

“you can heal your heart!  If you are still alive you can heal your heart…healing is possible”

Another angle discussed is the transcendence of the spirit beyond death. They explore the concept of birth not being the beginning of life, nor death being the end of our life.


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