Direct Evidence That Taxes Help Fund Wars – Ukraine Citizens Will Pay to Kill Their Own People

The war tax will be imposed on wages and other payments of the labor payment fund and lottery prizes, Head of the State Fiscal Service Ihor Bilous said at a press conference in Kyiv on August 5.  “1.5% are taken from income of individuals in the form of wages and other income.

dont pay war taxesAugust 6, 2014

Article from NRCU

The tax will be collected from state lottery prizes, and this is the source of income,” he said.  Bilous said that the war tax will be paid by employees.  “The war tax does not touch residents who do not receive income, which is part of the labor payment fund, in particular, pensioners,” he said.

Bilous said that the State Fiscal Service jointly with the Economic Development and Trade Ministry and Finance Ministry are studying the possibility of revising the approach to the procedure for accruing the single social fee to cut the burden on the labor payment fund for employers, which will be the economic incentive for bringing wages from shadows.

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