UnCut Chronicles – Israel War Against Gaza – Monthly Compilation 2014 Raw Footage- Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

The Israeli offensive in Gaze that began July 8, 2014, concludes the month with a death toll reaching nearly 1,500. 80% of which, according to the UN, are civilians.  That’s nearly 1,280 innocent men, women, and children. 

gaza_explosion_1August 3, 2014
By The Red Pill
Source Youtube

The following video chronicles  the ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip, along with the systematic destruction of all structures and infrastructure. UN and non-UN hospitals (25), schools (136), and refugee camps; the last remaining electrical power plant, that now leaves 1.7 million people without power, running water or water treatment capabilities, are all attacked with the latest US made precision guided weaponry, from air sea and land. Add to that the ground invasion that began on July 17th that only seemed to escalate the death rate in Gaza.  For more information on the day to day evolution of these war crimes this link will lead you to the UN website.

A quote from UN Situation Reports :

What we are witnessing is the killing of entire families, and of children in the street either playing or trying to find safety.

Waves and waves of ordinary people continue to flee their homes as the already weak infrastructure in Gaza caves in under the relentless bombardment.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, 31 July

And another from the same report:

The shelling and bombing of UN schools which have resulted in the killing and maiming of frightened women and children and

civilian men, including UN staff, seeking shelter from the conflict are horrific acts and may possibly amount to war crimes.

If civilians cannot take refuge in UN schools, where can they be safe?

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, 31 July

Protests around the world, most peaceful some not, have led to nothing but words and empty promises by government officials. We know by now that they are not the answer.

Hopefully the video below will help underscore the disparity of this so-called war, and lead the viewer to further investigate this modern-day genocide that’s taking place before our eyes.  People have often contemplated what they would have done back in WW2 when another genocide was taking place, then time in Europe.  Well what are we going to do about it now, now that its happening in our digital age?

UnCut Chronicles – July 2014

UnCut Chronicles – August 2014

Knowledge is the ultimate power, and having informed individuals, starting with ourselves, is a good start. This leads to more intelligent conversations with the people around us that are most likely in the same state of unknowing we were just in before we educated ourselves.  This process can take along time, but can, once a certain threshold of informed people is reached, cause a tipping point to occur so that the change becomes more dynamic and more obvious until the only logical solution is actualised, a two state solution. Will it be too late of the people of Gaza, only time will tell.

graph of july gaza

Genocides will continued to happen in our society until we as a society can figure out a way to avoid them.  Until then all we can do is stay up to date on the injustices, and speak out anyway we can.  More than anything, our society is mired in information warfare, where truth is not only the first casualty, but is simultaneously the coup de grace to the lies and the double speak. (A perfect example of this double speak is highlighted at the 22:03 mark of the video where the US State Department spokesperson responds to questions from the press core.)

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