Malaysian Flight MH17 – Russian Defense Ministry Press Conference Reveals Mystery Ukrainian Fighter Jet Near MH17 at Time of Crash

The Russian Defence Ministry (RDM) holds a press conference on the details of MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. Defence Ministry reports that on the day of the catastrophe, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the Malaysian Boeing 777. Calling for Kiev to explain why the fighter jet was tracking MH17.

still unidentified possible SU25 fighter 3-5 km from MH17

still unidentified possible SU25 fighter 3-5 km from MH17

July 21, 2014
Source RT

Many points of confusion get some clarity in this news conference conducted by the RDM. Finally some professionally presented information. Not only that, according to RDM, it is going to share all data with all relevant parties and experts of Europe and Malaysia. Well isn’t that a nice change. None of this, “that’s classified information because that would hurt our national security.” Who’s national security?

Once again a wager that this news conference is not aired in its entirety in any of the mainstream outlets (BBC, SKY, FOX, CNN, CBC, etc). Maybe a few obligatory sound bites but no substance. Lets hope the wager is lost.

Extremely important points include :

Screenshot from RDM mh17 deviationFor whatever reason the pilot is reported to have “felt uncomfortable” and this was what led to the deviation. This of course would be nice to have confirmed with the released of the audio that contains the actual words of the pilot, to have the context of exactly what might have led to the discomfort. The significance of the reports that Ukrainian security officials confiscated the recordings between Ukrainian ATC and MH17 should give cause for concern.

It can be observed from the above picture that indeed flight MH17 deviated outside of airway L69 (to a distance of 14km at its furthest) only to then deviate again along a trajectory that would eventually bring it back to L69. Finding out the exact reason behind this deviation is of paramount importance.

Also observe that the second course deviation was executed just before MH17 would have started leaving the range of the BUK M1 systems in place. (the dashed green/light blue circles with the BUK M1 systems at the centre of each, 3 total)

At 5:20pm (msk) the aircraft reportedly starts a fixed loss of speed until at 5:23pm (msk) the aircraft disappears from the monitors of the Russian radars.

  • Then there is the matter of BUK M1 missile systems that appear to have been deployed by the Ukrainian army, 4 of which were in the area of the downed MH17. Maximum operation of Ukrainian Radio Location Stations was reached on the 17 of July (9) and then dropped drastically (4,2,3) on subsequent dates (see graph below).

BUK deployment number dates mod1Many satellite pictures highlight BUK  anti aircraft missile systems, as well as Radio Location Systems for Air Defence in and around the area where the MH 17 was shot down, as well as evidence of vehicle movement. Click on pictures for higher resolution.

Who were these systems deployed against considering that the separatists have no military aircraft capabilities?

Slides 1 taken on the 14th of July shows (1) BUK M1 and (2) Loading Systems 8km NW of Luhansk.

slide 1x

Slide 1 with close up

Slide 2 shows (2) Radio Location Systems of Air Defence 5km north of Donesk. Also on the 14th of July.

Slide 2x

Slide 2 with close up

Slide 3 shows multiple Air Defence Equipment along with up to 60 pieces of varied equipment. Also on the 14th of July.

Slide 3

Slide 3

Slide 4 shows the same are as slide 3 but on the 17th of July. Note the missing equipment.

Slide 4

Slide 4

Slide 5 shows area A to contain two Anti Air Systems on the 17th of July.

Slide 5

Slide 5

Slide 6 shows the same area A with no more visible Anti Air Systems on the 18th of July.

slide 6

Slide 6

  • Next is one key question that has come up repeatedly. How many aircraft were in the vicinity of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in the minutes prior to and following its downing? What aircraft were they and what were they doing there? This is monumental considering that early on there were unconfirmed reports of fighter jet(s) detected near MH17.
other ac near mh17

3 civilian aircraft within minutes of each other including MH17 and one mystery plane believed to be SU25 fighter plane

It seems the answer is at least 4 aircraft, including 3 passenger planes and 1 mystery plane. The three passenger aircraft include Eva airlines flight BR88, Paris to Taipei; Singapore airlines flight SQ351, Copenhagen to Singapore; and Malaysian airlines flight MH17, Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

The fourth aircraft was fixed by Russian ATC as it climbed in the direction of MH17. It is assumed, by its flight characteristics, that it was a Ukrainian fighter, an SU25. The distance between these two planes was between 3-5 kilometres.

still unidentified possible SU25 fighter 3-5 km from MH17

still unidentified possible SU25 fighter 3-5 km from MH17

The obvious question is what exactly was this aircraft doing so close to MH17 moments before it was downed? Who does it belong to and who gave the order for it to be there? And of course what was its mission?

  • A video presentation of the radar contacts is presented showing the paths of all relevant aircraft including the fighter believed to be a SU25 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force which makes an entrance at 5:21:35 pm. The time frame covers 5:19 pm to 5:25 pm. MH17 starts to lose speed drastically at 5:20 pm.

**************all times above are Moscow Standard Time (msk)******************

*********************video presentation starts at 15:17*************************

  • The supposed video that shows the movement of weapons into Russia is put into serious doubt. The billboard is from an area that is under Ukrainian control for one. Also the Russians call into question why the launcher is loaded with short missile munitions. Things don’t seem to be adding up.
  • Last but not least an interesting titbit of information. Apparently at the same time all this was going on or near the ground. A US experimental satellite just happened to be overflying this exact patch of ground, what a happy coincidence. What kind of satellite? Supposedly it is a satellite design to detect and follow the launch of air to ground missiles.

Similar to the firm proof that Osama bin Laden was behind 9-11 (never to be seen), here too the US claims they have photographic evidence that the rebels shot down MH17. The Russians come right out and ask for this information to be shared with the international community. One wonders if history will repeat and no such evidence is ever presented.


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