PM Alexander Borodai 19 July Press Conference about Malaysian MH17 Crash

No surprises here. Everything in the western media is about how the investigation is being blocked by the “rebels.” Well let’s have a listen to what PM Alexander Borodai has to say. Pay close attention to his body language too. This guy is clearly exasperated and horrified of the delays taking place that is in itself destroying the crime scene.


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July 20, 2014

By The Red Pill

“30 degree weather”, along with “feral dogs” and “huge number of foxes” are being pointed out as problems that require urgency. There are  apparently bodies, bless their souls, that have landed on homes and into homes that are being left to decompose because of delays. The area is reported to be ” a large area of more than 10 square kilometres.” Borodai:

“so we ask, urge, call – anything! – for the expert group to arrive at the scene as soon as possible”

I have a feeling this news conference will not be shown in its entirety by the mainstream media outlets. One or two sound bites, maybe.

[For subtitles click the “captions” button next to the “settings” wheel on lower right corner of your screen]

Borodai claims they want to help but can’t because they are not allowed to touch the scene but at the same time the experts are not arriving. They claim to have

 “put together a first response unit which included the Prosecutor’s group,  the group of investigators (30), and a group of pathologists (15) “

Another thing, why hasn’t a ceasefire been declared by Kiev? If not in the whole, at least in this area. The area is apparently in the neutral zone of the conflict.

It’s inhumane the way this tragedy is being used by the vested interests, the war hawks, to achieve a political goal. Not to mention the grief the families are being put through by waiting so long to have their loved ones returned in as speedy a manner as possible.

A few more quotes worth noting, this one right after expressing frustration on not being able to take care of the bodies from the elements and the wild life. All they are allowed to do is cover the bodies. Borodai:

“However, we do not see good will and international experts and sorry to say, we do not see good will from the international community. We are very surprised, and frankly speaking, we are outraged by the fact that we are forced to keep this situation intact, while we are waiting for the experts.

There is a simple, or universal, if you will, aspect of this problem : how are we going to return the bodies of the dead, and in what condition? What is the purpose of this?”

Borodai goes on to say he believes that Kiev is responsible for the “artificial delay” in order to “if you will, a sabotage of the investigation” The validity of that will have to wait for time to reveal, as the truth always surfaces sometime or another.

Once again trying to stress the urgency of the situation he says

“we are talking about the bodies of those deceased innocent people that are lying there in 30-degree heat! That’s the human aspect of the tragedy.

I want to emphasise once again that the situation can be changed at any time by action on the part of our opponents”

The subject of black boxes comes up a few times and repeatedly it is stated that they have not found them as of yet but would hand them over if they did.

Later in the question and answer Borodai reiterates that their military has no capabilities to shoot down an aircraft flying so high. He claims that anti aircraft systems in their possession only reach as high as 3000 metres. Which is the reason, he claims, the Ukrainian army is regularly bombing them from high altitude with them being incapable of defending themselves.

It is worthy of noting that a number of other planes have been taken out by the self defence forces, and it would be interesting to know the altitudes at which those planes were shot down at. That would give or remove credibility to his assertion that they could not have shot down MH17.

Borodai goes on to remark that who has the most to gain from this is the Ukraine. There is no upside for self defence forces who know full well they do not have the support of the international community. That one is obvious. Boradai goes on to say “the Ukrainians shot down the plane.”

When asked about the BUK system that they had in their possession, Borodai denies they ever had them in the first place, and goes on to say

We had only portable MPADS as of today. Do you think if we had BUK we wont be using it?… If we had BUK we would be using it to shoot down enemy aircraft’s too, wouldn’t we?

Back to my previous point about figuring out the altitudes of the planes previously shot down by the self defence forces. Borodai addresses this point and claims that all planes shot down previously by their side have all been aircraft flying at lower altitudes below 3000 metres. And once again it would be important to verify this point and in so doing confirming or denying Borodai’s claims.

Borodai goes on to clarify that 14 OSCE observers got there within 24 hours but they are only observers.

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