Troubled Water (Documentary)

Water is largely taken for granted by consumers but it’s becoming “blue gold” in the 21st century.

Troubled Water examines the threats to public water systems and watersheds using the East Coast of Vancouver Island as a case study. Privatization, public private partnerships (P3’s or P4’s Public Pays for Private Profits), privately owned community watersheds, vulnerable aquifers, over-development, ground water contamination and international trade agreements all undermine the safety and security of public water systems, public ownership and the fundamental human right to access clean drinking water.

Profiling a variety of water sources that represent typical water systems across North America, Troubled Water uncovers the common threats to these systems. The film highlights some good examples of watershed stewardship and encourages viewers to work toward maintaining water as a public trust in their own communities.

Take action. Find out what you can do locally and internationally to help protect water as a global commons and a human right.

DVD copies of Troubled Water are available at

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