Ibragim Todashev Execution : QnA with Family Friends and Lawyer – Boston Bombing

May 29, 2013 press conference being held by the family of Ibragim Todashev in Orlando,Fla

In this portion of the Press Conference held by family members, friend and a advocacy group lawyer from CAIR field a wide range of questions in regards to the events leading up to and including the circumstances surrounding the execution of Ibrahim Todashev.

The who, what, where, and when are all brought to light leaving only one question remaining, why? Why was an unarmed man interrogated for 5 hours and later shot 7 times, once execution style to the head?

Revealing information includes :

  • -The revelation that he was 100% unarmed during the 5 hours of interrogation that ended in him being shot 7 times
  • -The revelation that the family has proof that Ibragim Todashev was no where near the triple murders he was only afterwards suspected of being involved in
  • -The revelation that the entirety of the questioning was solely based around the Tsarnaev brothers and the Boston Bombing (not the triple homicide) attested to by all parties questioned, except of course Ibragim who was executed

What has happened to due process, the fundamental right to have a trial before any kind of punishment is dealt out? Is this an effort to cover up the events of the Boston Bombings?

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