Suspicious Observers’ Earthquake Prediction System is Amazing

Suspicious Observers is a website on You Tube I have been following for quite some time. I am glad he has come out with this nice little video that shows his success rate in the prediction of earthquakes during his Earthquake Watches and Earthquake Prediction System he has developed.


86 Days of 2013
33 Days of Earthquake Watch: 38.4%
53 Days Without Watch: 61.6%

37 Large Earthquakes
30 of them During Watch: 81.1%
7 of them Not During Watch: 18.9%

7 Earthquake Uptick Watches so Far – 100% Have seen ‘Upticks’

Average Earthquakes Per Day [Total] = 0.43
Average Earthquakes Per Watch Day = 1.12
Average Earthquakes Per NoWatch Day = 0.13

All the old paradigms have no choice but to crumble with this new breed that have no agendas, no big profits, no red tape. Just the honest search for knowledge with the mind of safeguarding the ones we love with that knowledge. How many lives could be saved already with just this preliminary knowledge.

Please watch this 8 minute presentation where he explains how he has managed to gauge his predictions. Please share if you enjoyed the information.

The Red Pill

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One Response to Suspicious Observers’ Earthquake Prediction System is Amazing

  1. What do you see for 5/28/15???

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