Catalan Parliament votes Declaration of Sovereignty

Today, 2013 January 23rd, the Catalan Parliament voted in favor of the Declaration of Sovereignty  to start a way to a new state.  The approved text pledges to initiating the process to exercise the right to decide on how to implement the right to self-determination of peoples.

January 23, 2013
Article from Help Catalonia



The voting showed a clear majority in favor of the Declaration:

In favor : 85 MPs

Against: 41 MPs

Abstention: 2 MPs

Most Catalan parties voted in favor of the people of Catalonia to have, for reasons of democratic legitimacy, the nature of a sovereign political and legal subject. It means to declare  the democratic sovereignty of the people of Catalonia as a political subject, as well as, if the people vote it, to effect the will to constitute Catalonia as a new state of Europe.

And so Catalonia continues its democratic march for freedom.

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