10,000 Views! A Very Big Thank You to All!!

Thank you for the interest you have shown!!


December 28, 2012
By Ivan Klee

I hope that the information that I’m sharing has helped elucidate the significance of the plays that are being made my big corporations, the too big to jail, and the war machines that need to be deployed for their continued profits and ultimate control. It does not take long at all in fact to see the corrupt nature of the current system we have allowed ourselves to live under. Once a greater percentage of the population realize this, real change can be achieved and that can be helped along with the sharing of knowledge. Something this medium allows me to do.

There is more to reality than a left-right, democrat-republican, west-east, us-them paradigm. That is the type of thinking that facilitates war and discord. Fear seems to be the tool of choice and knowledge dispels fear, like the suns rays dissipate morning fog.

I  hope you enjoy the new and exciting developments in the fields of science and technology that I have come across and shared. Some of which could be used to help society become, at an individual level, one that is self reliant, self sufficient, energy independent, and ultimately self governing. That is the vision I have for the future of humanity, not one that is perfect because imperfection is still required, but one that can live without war, without disparity, without pollution. With the only unavoidable thing in life being death forever dropping the other current unavoidable, taxes.

There is much more that I want to do with this website in the year ahead and am excited to get things underway sooner rather than later. So once again I would like to thank you very much for the interest. I wish you all peace and love for 2013.

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