Dr. Gary Null, Mike Adams, Organic Consumers, Others Speak Out Against Dr. Oz’s Organic Food Lies

Dr. Oz’s attack on informed individuals who choose to eat high quality organic foods free of genetically modified organisms and IQ-damaging pesticides has led to serious outcry over the past week.

drozgarynull 260x162 Dr. Gary Null, Mike Adams, Organic Consumers, Others Speak Out Against Dr. Ozs Organic Food LiesDecember 07, 2012
By Anthony Gucciardi
Article from Natural Society

Many more health advocates are now joining independent journalists highlighting the many errors in Dr. Oz’s claims. This is great news as far as I’m concerned, having written my own piece detailing Dr. Oz’s lies regarding the consumption of GMOs and pesticides in conventional food.

Following the Time Magazine article piece in which Dr. Oz stated that GMO-laden conventional food is comparable to organic, full of nutritional value, and even that those that choose real organic food are ‘elitists’ and ‘snobs’, leading health experts have come out against the celebrity doctor’s claims. Groups like Organic Consumers Association, Mike Adams of NaturalNews, and Dr. Gary Null have spoken out publicly regarding Dr. Oz’s bogus claims.

Dr. Oz Facing Mass Response from Real Informed Consumers and Experts

Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Associated has authored a piece appearing on Alternet detailing how Dr. Oz, a man who has actually had shows which placed GMOs and pesticides in a negative light, has taken a card from politicians and flip-flopped on the issue. Whether due to the failure of Prop 37, a big financial incentive, or who knows what, Dr. Oz has effectively betrayed his informed fan base. The article is appropriately entitled ‘Dr. Oz Flip-Flops as High-Profile Attacks on Organic Food Intensify’.

The piece comes after Mike Adams addressed Dr. Oz’s attack on the day the article hit the news, in which Mike points out how Dr. Oz has sold out to Big Agriculture by siding with Monsanto and others. He also goes on to offer a possibility that I agree with, which is the likely possibility that Dr. Oz didn’t actually even author the article. Instead, he simply signed off on it — perhaps for a large financial incentive from a third party. The reasons for this are many, but the most important is the fact that the piece has too many similarities with recent organic assault pieces straight out of Time Magazine itself.

Outside of that, it’s very common for celebrities and major personalities to simply hire on a team of ghostwriters to generate stories for certain gigs. But even if Dr. Oz did not write the piece himself, he is still sticking up for it. On his Facebook page, Dr. Oz has tried many times to ‘set the record straight’ by literally repeating what was stated in his article. In the latest post he says that ‘critics’ of his post, which literally means those who are against GMOs and pesticides, just don’t seem to get it:

“Critics of the Time Magazine piece argue that my use of the phrase “food snob” (which describes me as well) undermines their fight to preserve the integrity of the American food supply.”

Immediately grouping everyone with informed opinions on food additives as ‘critics’ of Dr. Oz, Oz separates himself from millions of concerned consumers around the globe who were concerned with his organic food lies. Instead of apologizing, Dr. Oz continues to defend his statements.

And in case you’re doubting just how many people are fighting against GMOs (a number of which I am very grateful follow my work on a regular basis), you need to look no farther than Dr. Oz’s Facebook comments page. Over the past several days, the comments section has been almost 100% related to the Time piece. From demands for apology to accusations of being bought out by Monsanto, fans are not happy.

Dr. Oz’s loss of countless fans due to his organic food lies and failure to tell the truth about GMOs and other conventional food concerns shows how the element of truth works. Even if you’re a celebrity doctor with millions of fans, covering up information on such serious issues will not be forgotten. The new media, the alternative media, is entirely centered around exposing the truth in regards to topics that the mainstream media will not touch. Alternative media outlets make mistakes sometimes as we all do, but legitimate outlets push for truth. Dr. Oz appears to be pushing for the opposite.

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One Response to Dr. Gary Null, Mike Adams, Organic Consumers, Others Speak Out Against Dr. Oz’s Organic Food Lies

  1. ninegps says:

    As much as we all love Dr. Oz he is also being pimped by all the big brands. And does not have the balls to really speak the truth about the food we all consume. 😦

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