The One-Sided War Against the Innocent People of Gaza by Israeli Government

There is so much information coming out of Gaza right now since Wednesday’s offensive campaign against Gaza by Israel began, which they are calling ironically, “Operation Pillar of Defense”, that I will just provide a range of videos and links for now.

Disproportionate use of violence is evident. One side has a multi-billion dollar army with nuclear weapons in their arsenal, the other has no army, no tanks, no jets, nothing but what appears to be home-made, improvised weapons. This is a slow genocide of a people in the ghetto that is called Gaza. Once again the irony is powerful.

Israeli tanks moving toward Gaza border, ready for ground attack

Dozens of Israeli tanks have been deployed near Gaza border since Thursday. (File photo)

Israeli tanks and armored vehicles are reportedly moving toward Gaza for a possible ground offensive as the death toll from Israeli attacks on the Palestinian enclave rises to 25.

Israel authorizes more reservists after rockets target cities

An Israeli helps off-load a 155mm mobile cannon after it was transported to an area just outside the northern Gaza Strip November 15, 2012. REUTERS-Amir CohenIsrael’s cabinet authorized the mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists late on Friday, preparing the ground for a possible Gaza invasion after Palestinians fired a rocket toward Jerusalem for the first time in decades.

Death toll hits 30 in Israel’s onslaught on Gaza

Palestinians inspect damage following Israeli airstrikes in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on November 16, 2012.Six more Palestinians have been killed in the latest Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip, raising the death toll to 30 in Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave since Wednesday.

Gaza: Who Was Commander Ahmed Jabari (1960 – 2012)?


On November 15, thousands in Gaza City residents mourned Jabari’s assassination. Israel murdered him the previous day in cold blood.

Score another victory for occupation harshness. Add one to the column of Israeli crimes against humanity. Volumes are needed to list them. Israel lives by the sword of injustice. One day perhaps it will perish for its villainy.

Gaza War Spiral: RT talks to Israeli PM spokesman

Tariq Ali: Israel wants Gaza colonized, peace killed with Hamas leader

Hamas chief held peace deal draft as IDF strike smashed his car – reports

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