Electric Universe Theory Explain in “Thunderbolts of the Gods” (Video)

I often feel we are at a moment in time similar to that of any great time in history where a shift in consciousness has occurred due to some new scientific discovery (gravity, electromagnetism), or come about by the advent of some new technology (internet, aircraft), often one leading to the other.

The moment in time I refer to specifically is the moment when the majority of humanity is oblivious to the new paradigm taking over the old reality. The moment where the mass consciousness begins to wake up. Kind of like the moment immediately after dropping one drop of food coloring into a jug of water, well before general, wide spread diffusion.

The fact of the matter is that a very high percentage of what we know in the realms of physics, astronomy and the like are wrong. As a society, we like our ancestors before us, believe ourselves to be at the pinnacle of knowledge, and that there is very little that we don’t know. When in fact time and again history can teach us how misguided that way of thinking is. There is always plenty we do not know. Even thought we didn’t always have to throw everything out, we certainly were forced to re evaluate and see our ‘new world’ in a whole new light, a la post Galileo for example.

With this preamble I hope we can see the value of having an open mind to ‘radical’ knew ways of seeing the composition of the universe around us. There a great deal of mysteries that modern science cannot explain. Things that go against very fundamental aspects of modern theories.


Credit wikipedia

One that has always bothered me, since I became aware of it, is the anomaly of the suns corona being at a temperature of between 1 and 3 million degrees kelvin while the actual surface of the sun is mere 5800 degrees kelvin. Things, at least we are told, are hotter at the source and then gets progressively cooler the further away you get from that source. But it seems our sun likes it the other way around. Why? Modern science has, I’m sure attempted but failed as far as I’m aware as to how this is possible. There are many more examples of course but this was a huge one for me and I prefer to let the movie speak for itself. Sometimes pulling on a loose thread unravels the whole thing and this was a huge thread for me.

My sense is that we are in the midst of a fundamental shift in the understanding of the world around us. The Electric Universe theory, the theory that the universe we live in is dominated not by gravity but by electromagnetism, a force that is billions upon billions of times stronger than gravity, offers the beginning of a new line of thinking. Once this new paradigm takes root and eventually becomes prevalent, it will allow for the introduction of technologies that take advantage of this new way of thinking. What was once ‘impossible’ becomes a common day occurrence. Tesla technologies come to mind immediately.

It is good to be skeptical, but don’t close your minds to new ideas, even if the new ideas happen to smash previous concepts. Just imagine yourself as a person in the days of Galileo, or a person living before the age of air travel, or more recently before the internet; try to conceptualize the diffusion process, note that it can take decades even generations. Being human we have the ability to change faster than that, specially now. If you can imagine it than maybe you will be able to intuit that this is occurring right now. Do you want to be ahead of the curve?

As always I encourage you to do your own investigation, your own research, and to use your own common sense. The time for letting others do the thinking for us is over. Take charge of your own mind. You will lead happier fuller lives with a greater appreciation of the wondrous reality we have chosen to be a part of.

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