Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (Research Paper)

This research paper was presented in August of 1996. As of this writing they have had at least 16  years to begin implementing this. The evidence is plain to see if we look up at our skies and compare our memories to what we see before us today. I hope you dig through this paper so you can read for yourself the mentality of these people. Scary to say the least.

I have included 5 telling excerpts but one line sticks out in regards to mind set. “The potential benefits and power are extremely lucrative and alluring for those who have the resources to develop it.” How much more blatant can it be said. Power and money that together enables control, the ultimate goal. This is really what is first and foremost in the minds of these individuals, how this will effect the rest of the population who happens to also live on this very same planet are secondary, let alone mother earth who is barely an afterthought.

One more point, this technology is not something way out in the future. The first excerpt has the interesting line, “some intervention tools exist today.” Again this is 16 years ago. How far have they come in “developing and refining” the other tools that they required?

Excerpts :

1) Technology advancements in five major areas are necessary for an integrated weather-modification capability: (1) advanced nonlinear modeling techniques, (2) computational capability, (3) information gathering and transmission, (4) a global sensor array, and (5) weather intervention techniques. Some intervention tools exist today and others may be developed and refined in the future. (

2) The lessons of history indicate a real weather-modification capability will eventually exist despite the risk. The drive exists. People have always wanted to control the weather and their desire will compel them to collectively and continuously pursue their goal. The motivation exists. The potential benefits and power are extremely lucrative and alluring for those who have the resources to develop it.  (p.35)

3) From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counter-space control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. (p.35)

4) The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together; in 2025 we can Own the Weather. (p.viii)
5) What is the possibility of developing this capability and applying it to tactical operations by 2025? Closer than one might think. Research has been conducted in precipitation modification for many years, and an aspect of the resulting technology was applied to operations during the Vietnam War. (p.14)

Link to actual document in the US Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology website.

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