Stuxnet decoder Ralph Langner speaks about Stuxnet

Excellent video that gives a window into one of the opening aggressive salvos against Iran via the powerful Stuxnet virus.

Overview of Stuxnet hijacking communication between Step 7 software and a Siemens PLC
credit : Wikipedia

A new cyber weapon that has been rolled out by Western Elites to incite, destabilize, and potentially kill innocent people. Ralph Langner does  a great job explaining how this weapon works and the possible uses of such, against not just nuclear facilities but also oil rigs and other key infrastructure facilities.


So when an internet 9/11 happens. Who should we blame? We will be told of course that it was big bad Iran or some other flavor of the month bogey man. They have already begun laying the propaganda ground work for this end.

The following links are a quick taste of what will most surely become a more common stream of ‘accusations’ and ‘suspicions’ that keep pointing in the same direction.

Cyber-attack on BBC leads to suspicion of Iran’s involvement

Lieberman: Iran Using Terror in Response to Western Nuclear Pressure


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