“The Best Enemies Money Can Buy” interview with Antony Sutton

Dr. Stanley Monteith’s interview with Prof. Antony Sutton (Feb. 14, 1925 – June 17, 2002) is explosive. A wide range of topics are discussed. But the pattern that is revealed is the most telling. Big corporations funding both sides of all major wars from at least the  beginning of the 20th century. A consistent pattern of building up future dictators, enemies, and bogeymen that must be then destroyed.  This was done through various avenues including loans; providing necessary fuel additives that German aircraft couldn’t have flown without; the building of necessary infrastructure to facilitate the militarization of the nations that will soon be demonized and targeted; and much more.

The main players are hauntingly the same. Morgan, Rockefeller, Bush, Wall Street, and the City of London figure prominently in the creation, funding and ultimate dismantling of enemies from beginning to end making money and more importantly gaining power when the dust finally settles. The process is years in the making, giving us insight into the long term quality of the schemes these entities are willing to play out. Why? Control. The equation is simple. Money equals power, power equals control, the ultimate goal is thus achieved.

Things have not changed in the 21st century. The Modus Operandi is the same. Osama Bin Laden, Al Queda, Saddam Hussein, the new bogeymen on the block that have been created, funded, and armed by Western corporations to later be destroyed.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a more in depth analysis of this deep yet fascinating subject. This is the best quality video to be found, but if anyone out there has a better link please share it in the comments.

Key elements:

Corporations funding Hitler’s Nazi regime

Corporations funding the Bolshevik Revolution

Corporations funding both sides of the Vietnam War

Corporations implicated include:

ITT, IG Farbin, Standard Oil, GE , Dupont, Ford Motor Co.

Organizations implicated include:

Council on Foreign Relations

Trilateral Commission

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