We The Tiny House People (2012)

This is an excellent documentary that delves into the possibilities of living simply yet with comfort. You will be taken on a journey that spans multiple countries including the U.S., Spain and France. A diverse sampling of apartments, homes, trailers, boathouses, and more are on display to suite a wide variety of personalities and needs. If nothing else it will get the creative juices going on what can be done in our own lives, within our current situation, and begin the realization process that we can be better off with less.

What is important in life? Time. The most important commodity we have as individual human beings is time. How we choose to spend it is exclusively up to us. What we ‘believe’ we ‘need’ in our lives determines how much of this precious time we waste working to acquire said ‘need’. So the answer to free our time up is to not ‘need’ us much and thus do the things we really like to do. Playing, dancing, hiking, fishing, painting or whatever else makes you smile and keeps your mind at peace are all things that more time allows us to experience.

Let your imagination run wild while you watch this documentary and picture all the things you could do with more time and less stuff.

Name: Kirsten Dirksen

Avatar for kirstendirksen

About: I used to produce tv shows for US networks like MTV, Travel Channel, Oxygen, Sundance Channel. Then I moved to Barcelona, helped start faircompanies and started making online videos (my youtube channel). Two decades ago, I studied economics at Harvard. Now, I like tiny homes, Spanish food culture & parenting traditions, American DIY & entrepreneurship, my mother-in-law’s backyard garden (the source of our organic veggies), my mother’s frugality and my father’s craftsmanship.


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