Amber Lyon on Bahrain and the Encroaching American Police State

Military style police in Boston
October 31, 2012
By The Red Pill


Amber Lyon is an amazing person and reporter. Her experience with CNN should give us an insight into the way mainstream news media is controlled. The obstacles that sincere reporters are facing to release the truth are overwhelming. These kind of reporters seem not to last once they start to do their job, that being to report on injustices, corruption, cover ups and so forth. Amber Lyon was just doing her job and she got eventually fired and threatened with the loss of her severance package and health benefits if she continued. Well she did continue and good on her for that.

The first video is the video she got fired for in the end basically. It goes into the uprising in Bahrain that no one seems to remember anymore… I wonder why. This video was apparently aired only once and never again. Despite winning some awards for journalism. Well deserved to I might add. So why stop showing an award winning piece?

Bahrain portion of iRevolution on CNN June 19 2011

The second video is an long but excellent overall interview between Amber Lyon and Joe Rogan. She goes on to explain why keeping this film quite is so important to the US, the corruption that goes on in mainstream media, the quasi police state that the US has turned into, the ‘Fuck NDAA’ campaign and how this act is placing even more roadblocks to real honest reporters.

Joe Rogan Podcast #273 – Amber Lyon

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