The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes

Great article highlighting the false and destructive entity that is Monsanto. Not that long of a read but packed with revealing information. The more you know the better you can protect yourself and the ones you love. The following is a short excerpt to wet your appetite:

Hans Christian Andersen’s fable is an apt parody for what is happening today with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food and agriculture. The GMO Emperor Monsanto has no clothes: its promises to increase crop yields and feed the hungry have proven to be false; its genetic engineering to control weeds and pests have created super weeds and super pests. Yet the Emperor struts around hoping the illusion will last and the courtiers, not wanting to be seen as stupid, will keep applauding and pretending they see the magnificent robes of the GMO emperor.

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3 Responses to The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes

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