The Libor Scandal Explained

This is one topic that is not being covered enough in the mainstream media. This fiasco should be leading the news. Hopefully these videos help explain this subject to some degree. At least enough to have a general idea so you can do further research and investigation.

The link below is a lengthier explanation of the absolute criminality of what has been done. Will any CEO’s go to jail I wonder? If the the last few years is any indication the answer would be a huge no. This is corruption to the max. “..cartel style corruption”  is how its being characterized. This is on going looting that is hurting all economies in all countries, all done by men who most people look up to, because they have lots of money and wear nice suits. When will enough, be enough!

Do you notice the way this Member of Parliament is downplaying and avoiding  the criminal aspects of the scandal. Politicians in general facilitate the enterprise of the bankers, by amending this and that law, letting so many of these organizations auto regulate themselves, by supporting the bankers claims that they are to big to fail, but to name a few.  Honestly, putting the fox in charge of the hen house.  What could possibly go wrong? Well the last 4 years since 2008 is the result. A result that is nowhere near its conclusion. Hopefully this will be the push we needed to stop banking with these types of banks. Look into credit unions and other similar institutions. Look for ways to stop supporting these big banks, corporations and the politicians that grease the wheels for them. We win if we stop supporting these clowns.

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